Films and Such Plus Some Music Videos!

What a day what a day what a day…I am actually talking about Wednesday in fact…that was some day! Basically to sum things up in a nutshell, Wednesday was the day I filmed my coursework for Uni…A simple three minute piece with a magic trick at the end…lovely! Well I turned into Stanley Kubrick for the day… wondrous…Shouting and swearing like a true film director!  And after that gruelling 4 hour (5 says my good friend Cumberbunny (high five for nicknames!!!)) we went for a celebratory pint and pizza…And would you know it we became extras in ANOTHER FILM SHOOT! Well more of a music video for A nice little band…Awwwww.

Actually I am in a lecture now and the lecturer is giving me THE EVIL EYE…I think I should stop…Yes…Have another picture!

This is my life story!


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