Happy new year!!!!!!!


Finally a lecture so boring…That I am drawn once again to typing…

I realise now that this is a page to capture my boredom and write down what I think…Ain’t that good?


Well….now I am here what do I have to say? Not much in fact! I am simply me nothing more nothing less….Yet I am still unique


This may be the raving rants of a madman…I wonder if 20 years from now someone will stumble upon this and think…’WHAT THE FUCK’


I like that thought!


Bored Bored Bored Bored


This lecture is killing me man!!! I am so bored thus I believe that I should write a new post…Ain’t done one of these for a while thus thought it would be a good idea…Recently I have been illing badly…and still have this bloody annoying cough *cough cough*…But I digress things are still all good and alcoholic as always (BTW I MET THOR!!!!!!!)…My friend Swarve (ahhh yeah nicknames) is being awesome and has a cool idea for January…will let you know then sirs! For now I will tell you how I felt when I became Ill…


Just A Quicky(LOL)…VERY BUSY MAN!!!


Here’s a thought…You know that people really disliked the ending of the Matrix Trilogy because of the very convenient way Neo’s powers managed to transfer to the ‘Real World’ even the ability to ‘see in code’? Well…what if the ‘Real World’ was simply a second layer to the Matrix designed to trick it’s inhabitants into believing they had escaped? OH YEAH!!!

Plus I am ill thus able to think about this stuff!

Films and Such Plus Some Music Videos!


What a day what a day what a day…I am actually talking about Wednesday in fact…that was some day! Basically to sum things up in a nutshell, Wednesday was the day I filmed my coursework for Uni…A simple three minute piece with a magic trick at the end…lovely! Well I turned into Stanley Kubrick for the day… wondrous…Shouting and swearing like a true film director!  And after that gruelling 4 hour (5 says my good friend Cumberbunny (high five for nicknames!!!)) we went for a celebratory pint and pizza…And would you know it we became extras in ANOTHER FILM SHOOT! Well more of a music video for A nice little band…Awwwww.

Actually I am in a lecture now and the lecturer is giving me THE EVIL EYE…I think I should stop…Yes…Have another picture!

This is my life story!

Nightwish And Hashtags and Vodka Martini’s


I am slightly tipsy at the time of writing this post…Life is good is it not? Last night I also saw Nightwish live…which was rather good also! Floor Jansen is bloody marvellous and also very attractive YAY!!! Alas this post will not be very long as I have a bit more drinking to do…I just thought that I would check in on this…thingy?

Monty Python fans look NOW!!!!!


My First Ever Post…Wow


Feel honoured good sirs or madams or whoever decides to read my mindless drivel…you have found a new reason to hate humanity! Wow…What a good start for a first post eh? Well…I guess I had better start from the top and introduce myself…I am Jacob…Or Vlad as I like to be known (long story), at the time or writing this I am 19 and doing my first year of studying film at Uni…How my days must fly by…I decided to do some form of madness like this because of a good friend of mine introducing me to hers…Says me: oh that can’t be that bad…lets have a look (Yes I also talk in ellipses!). So far this has been BLOODY HARD! Name, identity, theme, why can’t they just read my mind and be done with it…Alas (I also use this word alot)…My work is never done and I have been subtly editing this page till it has some semblance of normality…Likely story…I guess this might be first post over? I don’t really know blogging etiquette…or if such things even exist…so I will leave you with a picture of a dog smoking a pipe…Fun fun fun!

And here we go!